Our Board

Board Members

Jeremy Granlund

President / Social Media

Dan Vielgut

Vice President

Marcos Mejia


Bill Schultz


Andy Redman


Jason Ciriacks


Nate Dosch



Trustee / Fundraising / Sponsorship

Jon Seboe

Trustee / Indoor Facility Coordinator

Jake Franke


Brad Riedl

Trustee / Uniforms / Spirit Wear

Other Contacts

Meg Gonzalez

Website / Registration / Communication Coordinator

Terry Daniels

Coach Evaluations / Player Development / High School Coordinator

Rob Hernandez

Tryout Coordinator

Ian Gonzalez

Hit-A-Thon Coordinator

Matt Weimer

Hit-A-Thon Coordinator

Jon Setz

Squirts Academy Coordinator

Scott Anderson



Role Required to Attend Monthly Board Meetings? Role Definition
President Yes The President presides over board meetings and is the ?chief volunteer? and furthers the organization?s mission. The President influences how the board uses its time, the selection of board members and its future leadership. Anyone taking on this role must be committed to the organization and must understand the scope of energy and time required to effectively do the job. The President is expected to review and understand the organization's articles of incorporation and by-laws, policies and procedures, financial and legal situation, and strategic plan. The President acts as a spokesperson to the larger community. By modeling appropriate behavior, the President sets high standards for board conduct and intervenes if conflicts of interest or confidentiality issues arise. The President is in charge of coach and board member performance evaluations and succession planning, and plays a crucial role in new board member orientation. Strategic planning and fund raising are vital to the success of any non-profit organization. Presidents attend or even help to organize social functions to raise funds and maintain visibility in the community. They include demonstrated community leadership; being respected by board members; able to lead the board in handling difficult issues; and, the ability to communicate, listen and seek input from others. The President should feel comfortable delegating.
Vice President Yes Working with the board of directors, the Vice President plans, develops and enforces policies and objectives for the organization to ensure it maintains its values and meets established goals. Under the direction of the President or board of directors, a nonprofit Vice President helps manage activities of the organization to meet its overall goals. Because most nonprofit organizations rely on donations from the community and individuals interested in the organization's success, the Vice President creates public awareness initiatives and ensures the organization is visible to the community and those interested in assisting. This may include assigning staff members to coordinate fundraisers, community events and other programs to create responsiveness to the organization.
Secretary Yes The Secretary position of a non-profit organization plays a critical role in fostering communication and diligence through proper management and utilization of important records such as meeting minutes and the organization?s bylaws. The Secretary position has wide-ranging responsibilities, requiring much more than simply being present at all board meetings. The Secretary is an active conduit for communication by giving proper notice of any meetings and timely distribution of materials such as agendas and meeting minutes. Additionally, the Secretary should be knowledgeable of the organization?s records and related materials, providing advice and resources to the board on topics such as governance issues, amendments to the state laws, and the like, that will assist them in fulfilling their fiduciary duties. As the custodian of the organization?s records, the Secretary is responsible for maintaining accurate documentation and meeting any legal requirements such as annual filing deadlines. The Secretary is responsible for reviewing and updating documents as necessary and ensuring all documents are safely stored and readily accessible.
Treasurer Yes The Treasurer of this organization shall keep and maintain, or cause to be kept and maintained, full and accurate books and records of accounts of this organization's transactions, including accounts of its assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursements and other matters customarily including in financial statements. The Treasurer shall send to the Directors of this organization such financial statements and reports as are required to be sent by law, by the Bylaws or by the Board. The Treasurer shall (a) deposit, or cause to be deposited, this corporation?s funds and other valuables in the name and to the credit of this corporation with such depositaries as may be designated by the Board; (b) disburse, or cause to be disbursed, the funds of this organization as may be ordered by the Board, taking proper vouchers for such disbursements; (c) participate in the development of the annual budget and in the monitoring of actual financial performance in relation to the budget; (d) render, or cause to be rendered, to the President, and the Board, whenever requested, an account of all transactions entered into as Treasurer and of the financial condition of this organization and (e) oversee the development and observation of the organization's financial policies.
Trustee Yes Key members of the Lannon Junior Baseball program that have voting rights. Need to have an odd number of board members and trustees for voting purposes. President acts as the tie breaker.
Trustee Yes Key members of the Lannon Junior Baseball program that have voting rights. Need to have an odd number of board members and trustees for voting purposes. President acts as the tie breaker.
Trustee Yes Key members of the Lannon Junior Baseball program that have voting rights. Need to have an odd number of board members and trustees for voting purposes. President acts as the tie breaker.
Trustee Yes Key members of the Lannon Junior Baseball program that have voting rights. Need to have an odd number of board members and trustees for voting purposes. President acts as the tie breaker.
Background Check Coordinator Not all meetings Coordinates background check process including vendor selection and relationship, coach requirements and expectations, monitors annual fees and recommends frequency (each coach has to have one every other year) and ensures all coaches get checked. Information is kept confidential with the President and issues are handled confidentially by the President and the respective coach.
Coaches Evaluation Coordinator Not all meetings Solicits feedback on head coaches from parents through an on-line tool (Net Promotor Score), results are shared with the President and discusses feedback, the President then discusses with coaches as needed, etc.
Field Coordinator Not all meetings Maintains relationship with Lannon on ensuring fields are well maintained, reminds coaches on updating website as that drives when to prepare/chalk, sends reminders, updates on rainy days, etc.
Fundraising/Sponsorship Coordinator Not all meetings Coordinates all efforts around fund raising including the annual hit-a-thon, beer tasting, banners and donations. Has committee members run such events but is active in any help or assistance required.
Indoor Facility Coordinator Not all meetings Coordinates indoor space annually in line with budget and fees, etc., and works with teams to ensure slots are distributed appropriately. Reinforces expectations for teams in using vendor's property and equipment. Coordinates training beforehand to ensure time and space is used efficiently and effectively.
Lannon Squirts Academy Coordinator Not all meetings Coordinates all efforts around Squirts Program that takes place in July/August each year, markets program, coordinates shirts and hats with Equipment Coordinator, etc. Process begins in January and registration should be done on-line. Coach requirements as 10-15 are required for 60-70 kids.
Lions Daze Parade Coordinator No Coordinates the parade, partners with vendors (local stone companies), obtains donations of candy, prints flyers and coordinates effort, etc. Gary (g.bohlmann@yahoo.com) is the parade contact.
Player/Coach Development Coordinator Not all meetings Holds sessions in the fall/winter on proper coaching techniques with focus on pitching, fielding, hitting and base running, etc. Helps recruit U8 coaches each year. Works with UW-Milwaukee on observing a practice and meeting their coaches.
Registration Coordinator Not all meetings Coordinates the registration process for all players including acceptances, uniforms, numbers and final payments, etc. Registration is in the fall and we can reserve Hamilton High School if needed. This person should work with Uniforms, Equipment and Spirit wear Coordinator.
Try-Outs Coordinator Not all meetings Establishes club understanding and process for teams and tryouts, creates templates, coordinates offer process, works with coaches (especially at same levels), ensures collaboration and discussion around doing what is right for organization and players, etc.
Uniforms, Equipment & Spirit Wear Coordinator Not all meetings Maintains relationship with Burghardt's and other vendors, orders equipment and distributes, etc. Coordinates Spirit Wear orders in the fall and the spring.
Website, Facebook and Communications Coordinator Not all meetings Maintains and updates the website and Facebook site, creates events, troubleshoots things per the site as needed, posts pictures from various teams, sends out communications from the website, chases coaches for pictures and tournaments, etc.
Beer & Wine Tasting Coordinator Not all meetings This event is an optional organizational event that entails players selling a couple tickets where adults can participate in a great evening out socializing, tasting different beverages and bidding on auction and raffled items. If a team or teams are looking to raise more funds for a trip or tournament it is another means of generating funds to do so.
Hit-a-thon Coordinator Not all meetings Coordinates the annual Hit-a-thon fund raiser for the upcoming U12 teams where players obtain pledges for the distance they hit. Awards are given to the age level winners. Donations are received and auctioned off to benefit the organization. This mandatory event is run by the current year U11 teams. Volunteers are needed from both teams.
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