Why Lannon Stonemen?


The Lannon Stonemen pride ourselves in offering the best “bang for your buck” select baseball program in the area. Our all-in registration fee of $795 gives your player full access to everything our program has to offer and includes a full custom uniform package every season. When factoring in uniform costs, we believe our fees are 20-30% lower than comparable programs in the area.

No Residency Requirements

There are no residency requirements to play for the Lannon Stonemen. While most of our players come from the Sussex/Menomonee Falls/Lannon area, our organization currently has players from fourteen different school districts. This extended reach allows us to continue to attract high-quality baseball players across all age levels.


The organization takes pride in the fact that we are a “coaches run organization”. While we do have a board that oversees the organization, coaches are given the flexibility to manage their teams in a way they feel is best. This includes making roster decisions, deciding on how many games to play, and how they teach the game.

With this in mind, we put a huge focus on finding high-quality coaches to lead our teams. We have found that by providing great coaches the flexibility they desire, we are able to attract talented/passionate coaches to manage our teams.  

Team Stability

The Stonemen organization does not move players between teams in hopes of creating “A” or “B” level teams at each age level. Instead, we want players, coaches, and their families to grow together both on and off the field. We believe that this provides for a great overall experience for our families and removes some of the unnecessary friction caused by those A/B decisions.


All Lannon Stonemen home games are played at Lannon Village Park. We have 3 fields that are used exclusively by Stonemen teams. With our organization being the only teams that use these fields, we are not competing with other programs for field availability and can invest time and money into keeping them nice.

Indoor Facility – “The Quarry”

The Lannon Stonemen’s indoor practice facility located off of Main Street in Menomonee Falls. This baseball-specific facility was assembled in 2021 and is available to Stonemen coaches for practice year-round. We do not rent out or share this space with any other programs.

During winter training months (November – March), our teams are assigned two 90-minute practice slots per week.  

Player/Coaching Development

Player development is a huge focus for our organization. Over the course of the year, we provide free development opportunities for all of the players in our organization. This includes pitching and catching camps along with discounted rates on other camps in the area.  

No required Volunteering

While the organization does ask for help from the families in the organization, this is done on a volunteer basis. We do not mandate a set number of volunteer hours or charge a “volunteer fee”.

The word is out! Players and families want to play for the Stonemen!

Stonemen Family Survey

Twice per year, the Lannon Stonemen organization sends out a survey to all of the families in our organization asking for feedback. We received over 100 responses to the survey and below are a few of the responses. On a scale of 1-6, with 6 being the highest.

How satisfied are you with the Lannon Stonemen Youth Baseball Program? 5.52

How interested would you be in having your child son for their coach again? 5.48

How would you rate your head coach for knowledge of the game? 5.37

How would you rate your Head Coach for their level of enthusiasm, good sportsmanship, positive attitude, and ability to motivate the players? 5.37

Please rate your team’s assistant coaches. 5.48

Stonemen Family Testimonials

“My son is thoroughly enjoying his baseball season. Every coach is positive and encouraging to all the young men. It has been a very enjoyable summer so far. I really hope this group of coaches stick together. Their time and commitment are very much appreciated.”

“Extremely motivating, encouraging, and positive coaches.”

“We have thoroughly enjoyed our 1st year with the program.”

“This is the first year my son has played for Lannon. We are very happy with our coach and the organization and have already committed to being back next year.”

“There’s nobody better than (U13 Coach). We continue to be impressed with his commitment & enthusiasm for the boys year after year. He’s just a great human & we feel so lucky for every year we get to stay on this team & with these families.”

“Coach has brought a sense of team, which is not present in other son's team (different club)”

“This team is an example of excellence in sports. The coaches actively work to help players reach their goals while remaining positive and encouraging.”

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